Katarina Cabernet Sauvignon

A Return of Sorts, to Sweden

Arriving in the land of opportunities she started her own wine company together with her son and named the wine after herself. Today, Katarina wines are being served at fine restaurants all over California and are about to take the same trip the owner did almost 50 years ago, but in reverse: back to Sweden.

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Sweden, U.S, China.. where do we go?

Katarina Bonde an experienced board member and chairman within technology companies as well as the Royal Opera in Stockholm talks about doing business in Sweden, the U.S. and China and asks: Where do we go?

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Nicolai Wadstrom

Entrepreneurship? Ask Nicolai,

April – 2012 Nicolai Wadström is the CEO of BootstrapLabs and this year he’s also a board member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/Silicon Valley. His experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship and the American/Swedish business culture will be a huge asset to the chamber.

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Annika Steiber

Passion and creativity joins the Board

April 2012 – In the beginning of this year, The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/Silicon Valley was joined by five new board members. One thing they all have in common is an eagerness to stay connected to Sweden even though they live abroad. Annika Steiber, one of the new board members, explains how she ended up in the Bay Area and why she decided to join SACC-SF/SV.

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Everyone is talking [about] Voxer

February 2012 – One of the most downloaded free social apps in The United States has a Swedish Veep of Growth.

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The August Strindberg Centennial in the Bay Area

February 2012 – On May 14, 1912, Sweden lost a most famous and acclaimed playwright, novelist, poet, painter and essayist, August Strindberg. 100 years later the whole world is celebrating the centennial of his death, and in the Bay Area the celebration is already in progress.

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Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors VP joins SACC SF Board

February 2012 – The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco/Silicon Valley has a new addition to its capable Board of Directors: Peter Carlsson, VP of Supply Chain at Tesla Motors. The Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of electric cars is preparing to launch the new Model S in May, so Carlsson’s looking forward to a busy and exciting time.

Mamma Mia

The return of ‘Mamma Mia!’ to San Francisco

February 2012 – Mamma Mia! opened once again at the Orpheum stage, San Francisco on February 21.


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